Speed is in our Blood

We truly love making PCs run fast- really fast. We work hard finding ways to make PCs run fast and clean.

Latest Technology

We utilize the latest technology to make the software we develop totally freaking awesome.

Hire only the Best

We comb college campuses far and wide looking for the brightest talents to help make our Software Company #1!

We are great listeners

We stay in constant contact with our customers and listen to their problems. That how we create Great Solutions!

  • Rainmakers products have totally improved they way I use my computer. My computer starts up fast now and stays running fast the whole time. I love it!
    — Mr. Dylan DB Global Industries
  • Im just a little guy so I dont know exactly how to say this but when I play my games and do stuff online my computer runs really really good.
    — Owen F. Lemonade Stand

PC Health Before

After Using our software

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